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Arizona Cardinals Offseason: Rumor Of Jim Mora Fizzles Quickly

As quickly as Jim Mora's name came up as a candidate the Arizona Cardinals defensive coordinator, it seems to have disappeared. Lindsay Jones of the Denver Post is reporting that Mora is close to being named the defensive coordinator for the Denver Broncos, joining John Fox's staff there.

I was surprised to hear Mora's name come up in the first place, but he would have not been a bad choice, considering his familiarity with the NFC West and his previous experience with a hybrid 3-4/4-3 defense.

Now, as he reportedly is set to go to the Broncos, the Cards are left in a wait-and-see position. All signs seem to be pointing to the Pittsburgh Steelers and their finishing the season. Long rumored is the idea that Ken Whisenhunt is waiting for Keith Butler. There are other members of the Pittsburgh defensive staff that could be interviewed as well.

Although his name has come up, former Cardinals defensive backs coach Teryl Austin is not being considered, at least for now, as Arizona Republic writer Kent Somers has stated.

The silence regarding possible candidates is interesting. Other teams have names flying around almost everyday. The Cardinals have almost nothing going on. Either they know who they want and are going to wait or really have no idea yet. Let us hope it is the former and that a plan is in place.