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Cardinals lose out on Manusky, Former 49ers Coach To Sign With Chargers

Multiple reports are saying that the most sought after defensive coordinator has found a new job. Former San Francisco 49er defensive coordinator Greg Manusky is reportedly taking the same job with the San Diego Chargers. He previously interviewed with the Arizona Cardinals and was scheduled to speak with the Dallas Cowboys about their defensive coordinator vacancies.

Manusky was Arizona's first interview, but was not necessarily their first choice. However, while it has been stated that there will be other interviews, no names have arisen other than fan speculation based on the 3-4 defensive scheme that Ken Whisenhunt appears to prefer.

We are left wonder if Whisenhunt is just sitting tight and waiting for the Pittsburgh Steelers to finish their season so he can offer the job to good friend Keith Butler, who now coaches the linebackers in Pittsburgh.

Butler was targeted twice before by Whisenhunt. The first time, the Steelers did not grant permission and the next time he declined because of a surgery.

Still another possibility is that the team is simply balking right now because of the expiring CBA. Many teams are going light on staff as cost-cutting measures during the work stoppage. The Cardinals have long had the reputation of being penny pinchers and sitting back and waiting until there is an agreement in place is a viable possibility.

Another possibility is also related to the CBA and potential lockout. Arizona may just be taking their time because they know they have time. If there is anything we have learned about Whisenhunt is that he is deliberate and organized in his decision making. He could simply be taking his time to see what comes up and not rush into a deal with a guy just because the job is currently unfilled.

For all of us everywhere, let us hope that it is option one or option three because option two would remind us of times past that were unpleasant to Cardinals fans for a long time.