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NFL Week 4 Picks: From The Fingers Of Morons

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Our own morons pick the NFL games for Week 4.

Everyone loves picks. We pick our friends. We pick our lunch. We pick our noses (don't lie, we know you do).

We also love to pick the outcome of games we have nothing to do with or really only know a little about despite how many hours of TV and Internet brilliance we consume.

ESPN can have their so-called "Expert Picks", we bring you our first of hopefully many (but maybe not) "Moron Picks".


(click it to see it)

We will be tracking the picks from week-to-week and the best picker will win a Moron Picker Of The Season award while the pickers who can't beat a coin flip will be promoted and given a new car.

Note that the "Dave" guy there is actually Dave Halprin, SB Nation's Football League Manager. He should know a lot about football which means any time his picks suck we are going to mock him without mercy.

Notable Picks Of The Week:

  • Five of us (them) think the Cardinals are going to get beat by more than 8 points in San Diego. Don't ever again call us homers.
  • 11 of 12 of us picked the Jets to beat the 5.5 point spread over the Bills. The outlier is Dave the so-called expert. Good luck with that, Dave!
  • 10 of 12 of them picked Houston -3 on the road against Oakland which just proves how dumb the crowd can be. Go Raiders!
  • I have no idea why and how Vegas is giving the Giants a -4 edge over 'da Bears. Neither do 10 of us morons. Only intern Shaun and broadcast legend Kevin Ray are picking the G-men to cover.
  • Jacksonville really sucks and Peyton Manning really doesn't. We can all agree on that. All except Dennis that is. Moron.