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Beanie Wells Knee Injury Update

Beanie Wells practiced in pads for the first time in weeks yesterday, but still didn't participate in any team activity, which makes you wonder what the pads were for if he's not taking any hits? Conditioning, one would imagine, and perhaps hitting of tackling dummies. 

Wells is suffering from a mysteriously named "bruised knee" and is hopeful he will finally get to play this Sunday against the Oakland Raiders in the Cardinal's home opener.

"I didn't do team (part of practice) just because they didn't want to pound on me too much, but we plan to increase a bit more each day," Wells told reporters after practice.

"It seems like it's a broken record now," coach Ken Whisenhunt said. "We're saying the same thing (as last week), but I think he'll do a lot more in practice (Thursday) if there's not any swelling or reaction to what he did today. He did more today than he's ever done (the past few weeks). I expect him to be more integrated into practice (Thursday) if we don't have a setback."

Early Doucet had his sports hernia repaired (for full description see this) last week. He's up to walking now, which, like all of mankind before him, will be followed by running. He hopes to play on October 24 against the Seahawks, according to Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic.