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NFL Week 14 Expert Picks Against the Spread: Chicago Bears A Stone Cold Lock To Beat New England Patriots

Our "experts" are smart. Smarter than those Las Vegas odds-making fools who set the NFL lines each week. They pour over numbers and charts and film trying to get the spread just right so people will bet the wrong way enough times so they win money for their mega-Casino bosses. We, on the other hand, flip a coin.

And you know what, in the Battle of Coin Versus Vegas, Coin wins 59 percent of the time. And it's going to win again this week by picking the 9-3 Chicago Bears to beat the three-point spread at home against the New England Patriots. Put that lock in the vault.

The New England Patriots are coming off the big gloat-worthy win over Rex Ryan's bloviating New York Jets. The Bears might only be 6-5-1 against the spread, but they are at home and New England proved with their let-down loss to the Cleveland Browns four weeks ago that they are prone to let-downs as they showed by letting-down against the Browns in their let-down loss in Cleveland.

The Chicago Bears were the league's favorite team to call overrated when they started the season strong, but as they've continue to rack up wins against quality opponents like the Dolphins, Bills and Lions -- and yes, the Eagles, too -- they've turned some people around. But consider that six if their nine wins came against teams named after animals. Their record against non-animal mascot teams is only 3-2 and one of those was against the Wade Phillips Cowboys, which should only count for half of a win ... maybe less.

Yes, I know that was the argument for taking New England and we are taking the Bears, but really, what did you expect from a Coin Flip?

Here's a run down of all of our picks for the week and our internal standings that has KTAR's newest afternoon show producer coming off a miserable three-pick week to fall into last place with only 40 percent of his picks against the spread finishing in the money. Oh, Gibby.