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Arizona Cardinals Vs Denver Broncos: Cards Lead 16-3 At The Half Thanks To Feely's Leg(s)

Around the NFL today, teams are playing in the snow or in Minnesota, not playing because of the snow. In Phoenix, the roof is closed because 80 degrees was determined to be too warm for the fans. Hilarious. Even better, the Denver Broncos have coughed up the ball four times which has given the Arizona Cardinals rookie John Skelton some breathing room.

Skelton hasn't exactly been stellar -- 9-21, 79 yards, 57.2 QB rating -- but he's done one very important thing that Max Hall and Derek Anderson couldn't do, he's not thrown the ball to the guys in the other team's jerseys. 

This match-up between bad 3-9 teams is all about which team makes the fewest mistakes and so far, Denver is leading in the "bad mistakes" category and as a result the Cardinals have a lead at the half thanks to the leg(s) of Jay Feely. 

Feely has accounted for all 16 of the Cardinals points with three fields goals, including a 55-yard bomb, and the team's only touchdown off a faked kick in the Red Zone.