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Minnesota Vikings Roof Collapsed, Move The Game To Arizona!

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The buzz around the NFL today on this Sunday morning of Week 14 is the snow-caused roof collapse in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Metrodome bubble roof surprisingly couldn't handle the weight of a little snow. The collapse, along with a weather-related travel detour, cancelled today's game between the Minnesota Vikings and the New York Giants.

Doesn't it snow all the time in Minnesota? It makes us wonder if someone or something wasn't conspiring here to help Brett Favre get a little more rest so his streak of games started could continue. I don't think we can put it past Favre to sneak up on the roof in the middle of the night with a pocket knife and slice a few holes in the tarp. Or maybe he just used photos of his ... self, to induce some poor, lonely Minnesota girl to do it for him. To get to the truth here, we will have to wait for the final investigation to drag on for months before finally revealing nothing.

The Giants/Vikings game itself has now officially been moved to Monday night in Detroit's Ford Field. This is a mistake. A huge mistake. If you have to move the game, and clearly they do, why not pack up both teams and fly a few extra hours to Phoenix, Arizona!?

This time of year, the city is jam-packed with snow birds escaping places like New York and Minnesota and they, along with the more permanent transplants, would pack University of Phoenix stadium to see two NFL teams play football -- something they've been deprived of all season long here in the home of the Cardinals.

And the weather ... well, the weather for today's Cardinals-Broncos game is going to over 80 degrees, which might make it too hot to open the roof. You catch that? It's too hot in Arizona on a Sunday afternoon in December to open the roof. If that's not reason enough for the NFL to have moved the game here instead of Detroit then there's nothing that would convince those knuckleheads.