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Week 9, Cardinals Fantasy Football News And Results: Hyphen To The House

Week 9 of the NFL was pretty unforgettable for the Cardinals, unfortunately in the way that will haunt you for weeks on end. The Cardinals meltdown at the hands of a reeling Minnesota Vikings team led by Brett Favre was epic, again in a bad way. Leading 24-10 with 6:18 to go in the fourth, one would think the Cards had this won, however if knowledgeable about the Arizona Cardinals, you would soon realize this was just a set-up for an epic Favre-led comeback. Ugh, but enough about that, let's take a look at the fantasy performances.

LaRod Stephens-Howling. Yep, The Hyphen came to play, with 6 kick returns for 198 yards and a 96-yard touchdown. LaRod also caught one pass for 9 yards and we won't talk about the four rushes for no yardage. Stephens-Howling has had three kick-off returns for touchdowns in his Cards career, including one that won a home for a fan.

Derek Anderson. Derek was 15/26 for 179 yards, ending with a 91.7 QB rating. Which normally would make Cards fans jump up and down for joy, but the timing of the offensive line breakdown coincided with the breakdown of the Cards defense, neither which was his fault, but it didn't look good.

Larry Fitzgerald. The Cards found Larry yesterday, Fitz caught seven balls for 107 yards, but no touchdowns. Finally a 100 yard game for Larry. There for time it looked like the Cards would be fine without getting more from Fitz and then...oh, never mind.

Tim Hightower. After spending some quality time on the sidelines the last couple weeks, Tim was back with 13 carries for 39 yards, not quite able to keep up with Adrian Peterson (15 rushes, 81 yards and 1 touchdown) but don't worry Tim, not very many people can.

Beanie Wells. Guess Beanie wasn't quite healed up, at least if you're a Cardinals fan you tell yourself that. One rush for -2 yards.