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Favre, Vikings Off To Slow Start, Cardinals Lead 14-10 At Half

The Arizona Cardinals have the lead going into halftime, up 14-10 over the Vikings. You can sense it in the crowd: 2-5 is not acceptable and they are impatient for the turnaround. Minnesota has attempted 12 rushes and has only 30 yards to show for it, and Brett Favre has been forced to check down on the majority of his passing plays.

LaRod Stephens-Howling shut down the crowd with an impressive 96-yard kickoff return for a touchdown, displaying his speed and agility. Derek Anderson led an efficient drive at the end of the second quarter, connecting with Andre Roberts for the rookie's first career touchdown catch.

Minnesota continues their poor play, and despite it all they are still very much in this game. Arizona needs to come out, effectively execute their game plan, and keep the clock moving. It wouldn't hurt if Stephens-Howling could return another kickoff for a touchdown, however.

Anderson is 10-for-14 with no interceptions. This performance is what you want from Anderson: no mistakes, no frills. Just let the other team beat itself. For the first half, that's exactly what happened.