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Beanie Wells Knee Injury Gives LaRod Stephens-Howling A Chance To Fly For Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals' former rookie Beanie Wells is once again limited this week from practice due to swelling in his right knee. It would seem this time coach Ken Whisenhunt isn't bluffing (although do we ever really know?) as Wells has said that the problem is an allergic reaction to a lubricant injected into the previously surgically repaired knee.

No word if the lubricant is a British Petroleum product and any speculation of such would be irresponsible on our part.

The latest report from the Cardinals is that Beanie Wells did practice on Friday and is expected to play on Sunday. But should that not be the case, or should he simply not run well, or should he fumble the ball (which, as Tim Hightower will tell you, is an offense that will get you benched), then the Cardinals have another option to consider in the form of speedy LaRod Stephens-Howling.

LSH, or simply "The Hyphen," if you please, has put up very impressive numbers this year for a Cardinals team that is looking in every nook and cranny to find good news. Stephens-Howling has carried the ball only 13 times from scrimmage this season, but his 7.2 yards per carry average is the best on the team. Beanie Wells is only averaging 3.4 per run and Tim Hightower is at 5.6 per non-fumbled rush. 

LSH gives the Cardinals' rushing attack -- not sure you can call it an attack when it's only used about 40 percent of the time -- a different look. While Hightower and Wells are powerful straight-ahead runners, LaRod is more of a speedy "catch him if you can" type back.

Stephens-Howling has proved this time and again returning kicks, where he leads the NFL in total yards per return with 862. Of course, the Cardinals have given up so many points that he's also had two more attempts than the number two man on the list, C.J. Spiller, who's racked up 763 yards. 

Even if Wells if healthy enough to play, it's time to give LSH some more rush attempts from scrimmage and, of course, it's far past time that Whisenhunt keeps relying on his horrible quarterbacks to throw the ball so much. There's worse things in football than three-and-outs, as the four interceptions last Sunday proved.