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Our Not-So-Experts Make Their Week 9 NFL Picks Against The Spread

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It would seem that NFL Week 8 was a good time for us to be making picks against the spread. Odds are that we won't find another week this season where all but two of our moron pickers got over 50 percent of their picks right. Sorry, Jose and Jess, but you when suck that bad (each had 6 of 13 right), you are getting called out.

On to NFL Week 9 picks, where the spread can bend over and kiss its you-know-what in the you-know-where because we are going to slaughter those Vegas odds makers this week! I can feel it!! Can you dig it!!!?

Of note for this week's NFL picks are the five of us that picked Minnesota to cover a 9-point spread against your Arizona Cardinals. The other seven of us must have felt that was giving up just a bit too much, but still know that the Derek Anderson / Max Hall undynamic duo isn't going to get blown out in their next road loss. 

As a sign of faith of how much Vegas is feeling the Cardinals love, Minnesota at -9 is the biggest spread on the board this week. They do know that Brett Favre is old and that Randy Moss got waived, right? But then again, they also have seen the Cardinals quarterbacks in action, too.

Picks and standings after the jump


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We have a clear leader of our merry band of pickers. A guy who even looks like someone that you might want to have sitting next to you in Vegas, whispering sweet somethings into your ear. Dennis.

Dennis is leading with a total of 64 percent of his picks against the spread coming through, but he does only have a fifth-place ranking in total correct picks thanks to his missing a week due to forgetfulness. The leader in the total pick category and coming in second in pick percentage is none other than our friend, Coin Flip. 

So, while Dennis might have a slightly better win rate, Coin Flip fits easily into your pocket (more easily, anyway) and definitely drinks less than Dennis. I am not sure what Dennis would charge you for betting advice, but I am more than willing to entertain offers to rent out my lucky quarter. In fact, you can just email me you questions and Coin Flip will answer. Think of it as a Magic 8 Ball, only more accurate.