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NFL Power Rankings, Week 13: Is This The End Of The Indianapolis Colts?

The Cardinals are on the brink of the bottom while the Chargers are racing towards the top.

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Monday Night Football should rock this week, as the top two teams on SB Nation Arizona's NFL Power Rankings will get together and hopefully wash some of the stench from Niners/Cardinals from the collective consciousness. And we all need a good scrubbing after last night's Debacle in the Desert. Here's to hoping the Patriots and Jets and can deliver where the 49ers and Cardinals failed so miserably. 

Biggest jump this week was Chicago climbing four spots since they've finally convinced me they deserve some respect, while the biggest fall was the Colts dropping five spots because if they're losing on Sunday Night Football, there is something wrong.

On to the rankings.

(1) New England Patriots (9-2) - Took care of business against Detroit after a rough first half. Now it's Jets week on Monday Night Football. America deserves that after having to watch the Cardinals. (LW: 1)

(2) New York Jets (9-2) - The Jets' last win over an over .500 opponent happened in Week 3 against the Dolphins and the last time they played a decent team, they lost 9-0 to the Packers. Time for a test. (LW: 2)

(3) Atlanta Falcons (9-2) - Taking down Green Bay proves that, at least for now, this is the class of the NFC. None of this makes that Play 60 commercial OK. (LW: 3)

(4) New Orleans Saints (8-3) - NFC South crown may come down to a Week 16 game at Atlanta. The Saints have scored 30+ points in their last three games. (LW: 4)

(5) Baltimore Ravens (8-3) - No matter how good the teams are, I've always found a game between the Steelers and Ravens to be incredibly boring. Here comes another one in prime time. (LW: 5)

(6) Pittsburgh Steelers (8-3) - Despite Ben Roethlisberger's efforts, apparently God is looking out for the Steelers. (LW: 6)

(7) Chicago Bears (8-3) - Passed their first major test since a Week 4 loss to the Giants with flying colors -- beating the Eagles. Jay Cutler looks like he finally doesn't suck. (LW: 11)

(8) Green Bay Packers (7-4) - They lost to the Falcons at the buzzer but Aaron Rodgers' fourth down touchdown throw to Jordy Nelson was sick. (LW: 7)

(9) Philadelphia Eagles (7-4) - Expected a little more from these guys against the Bears. Philly looked flat and Vick finally threw an interception. (LW: 8)

(10) New York Giants (7-4) - Nice comeback win over Jacksonville, but they probably shouldn't have been in that position in the first place. I suppose I'll call that a wash and leave them 10. (LW: 10)

(11) San Diego Chargers (6-5) - Absolutely dominant win over the Colts shows me these guys are for real. That was the one game I thought they'd lose the rest of the way. I fully expect an 11-win season. (LW: 14)

(12) Kansas City Chiefs (7-4) - Dwayne Bowe is a certified bad-ass and suddenly Matt Cassel does not turn the ball over. Week 14 visit to San Diego will basically be their season. (LW: 13)

(13) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-4) - Were mildly competitive on the road at Baltimore and now have another big test when Atlanta comes to town. This is the kind of game they are going to have to win to get to the playoffs. (LW: 12)

(14) Indianapolis Colts (6-5) - Maybe the injuries are getting to these guys or maybe they'll turn it on soon, but it's looking more and more like this team just isn't all that good. They were thoroughly outplayed by San Diego on their own home field. (LW: 9)

(15) Miami Dolphins (6-5) - This team could probably finish 10-6 and still miss the playoffs. The AFC is just that tough. With games against the Jets and Patriots remaining, nine wins is probably the max they'll get. (LW: 17)

(16) Jacksonville Jaguars (6-5) - Though they are still in the AFC South lead by way of a win over the Colts, this team cannot afford to blow 11-point halftime leads -- even if they are to the Giants on the road. (LW: 15)

(17) Houston Texans (5-6) - Pretty much the only way to keep the rest of the Texans season interesting is to have Andre Johnson beat someone up in every game. Thursday Night Football against the Eagles will be a loss. (LW: 20)

(18) Oakland Raiders (5-6) - It'll be Jason Campbell's turn this Sunday against the Chargers. An upset win lifts them back into contention in the division, while a loss lets them keep being the Raiders. (LW: 16)

(19) St. Louis Rams (5-6) - Last week, I didn't think they could win on the road; this week I'll guarantee they get their second straight road win when they blast the Cardinals in Arizona. (LW: 22)

(20) Seattle Seahawks (5-6) - I moved them up a spot only because of how phenomenally bad I found Tennessee and Washington. The Seahawks are probably going to win the NFC West at 7-9. Gross. (LW: 21)

(21) Tennessee Titans (5-6) - If Kerry Collins gets back for Sunday's game with the Jaguars, the Titans might have a chance to win the AFC South. If Rusty Smith keeps starting, the team might as well take a cue from Randy Moss and not show up. (LW: 18)

(22) Washington Redskins (5-6) - Had a chance to go over .500 with a home win over the Vikings. Swing and a miss. A road game with the Giants might bury Donovan McNabb's squad. Nice extension, Redskins. (LW: 19)

(23) Cleveland Browns (4-7) -  Even the horrific QB play of Jake Delhomme couldn't stand in the way of Peyton Hillis' brilliance. Denver got freaking BRADY QUINN out of that trade. BRADY QUINN. (LW: 23)

(24) San Francisco 49ers (4-7) - Good news for Niners fans is they are now just a game back of the NFC West lead after a disastrous start. The bad news is that Frank Gore is probably out for the season. Not all run defenses are going to let Brian Westbrook look like he just stepped out of a time machine from 2004. (LW: 25)

(25) Minnesota Vikings (4-7) - Leslie Frazier for head coach! Brett Favre for MVP! The Vikings season is back on track! Now that the Cardinals are playing for draft picks, I'll thank them for winning. (LW: 27)

(26) Dallas Cowboys (3-8) - Really close loss to the Saints at home is cool. The fact that they're 3-8 is less cool. Bringing Romo back at any point this year would be idiotic. (LW: 24)

(27) Denver Broncos (3-8) - Well, they got to be the first team to lose to Sam Bradford playing on the road. Good for them. The Tebow countdown is on. (LW: 26)

(28) Buffalo Bills (2-9) - If you ask Stevie Johnson, God doesn't want the Bills to win games. Apparently he likes warm weather cities. Why blame yourself when you can pass the buck to the big guy? (LW: 28).

(29) Detroit Lions (2-9) - At least the Lions managed to keep their annual Thanksgiving loss close for a half. (LW: 29)

(30) Cincinnati Bengals (2-9) - Look at the remainder of their schedule and tell me this team won't finish 2-14. Home against New Orleans, Cleveland, and San Diego and road games with Pittsburgh and Baltimore. Strong shot at the #1 pick. (LW: 31)

(31) Arizona Cardinals (3-8) - If you watched the Cardinals play on Monday Night Football last night, you know just how bad this team is. Derek Anderson flipping out on the Arizona Republic's beat writer Kent Somers shows just what a clown this guy is. Can't cut him soon enough. (LW: 30)

(32) Carolina Panthers (1-10) - As much as my rage and disappointment would have me bury the Cardinals down here, I can't put them below this one loss garbage pail squad. (LW: 32)