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NFL Week 10 Fantasy Football Round Up: Arizona Cardinals Vs. Seattle Seahawks

Who to play and who to sit from this week's Cards-Seahawks game.

While the Arizona Cardinals and Seattle Seahawks play for positioning in the awful NFC West, most of us will be battling for our fantasy football lives. We are coming down the stretch of the regular season in fantasy football and these next few weeks will make or break whether you get into the playoffs. 

Just two weeks ago, the Seahawks were ranked second in the league against the rush and now they are ranked 19. Last week, the Giants put up 197 rushing yards and the week before, gave up 265 rushing yards to the Oakland Raiders. The Seahawks D-line is beat up and the Cardinals should be able to run the ball against them. The problem is Coach Whisenhunt has shown no commitment to the run during his time in Arizona and we have no idea who would get the majority of the carries. Beanie Wells is banged up, Tim Hightower can't hold onto the ball, and LaRod Stephens-Howling can't handle more than 10-12 carries. If you get word later in the week that Hightower or Beanie will be the main RB, they are a solid play.

Not only has the Seahawks run D become porous, but their pass D has continued to struggle. Against the Raiders, they allowed Darius Heyward-Bey a 69-yard touchdown reception and Hakeem Nicks was on the receiving end of a 46 yard TD. The last two weeks total, Seattle has given up 600 passing yards and five passing touchdowns. As inconsistent as Derek Anderson has been, there is potential for him to have a big game this week, along with Steve Breaston and Larry Fitzgerald. I like taking a chance on any of those three this week, if needed. 

The Seahawks offense scored 10 combined points against the Raiders and Giants. Seattle also had four turnovers (three against NY). But the Cardinals defense has been anything but world beaters this season. They are ranked 30 in total yards, 27 against the pass, and 27 against the rush.

As bad as those statistics are, the Cardinals do what matters in fantasy football -- get sacks (tied for 13), interceptions (tied for 10), and recover fumbles (tied for eighth). Not to mention they have six defensive touchdowns. Also, if your league includes special teams, LaRod Stephens-Howling is a threat to take it to the house every time he touches the ball on the kick off.