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Our 'Experts' Unveil Their NFL Week 10 Picks Against The Spread, Vegas Cowers

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It's that time once again for the smartest 11 people in sports (plus a really lucky quarter) to put our collective wisdom against the Vegas odds makers. We looked at the NFL Week 10 schedule and made our picks against the spread.

Let the record show that 45 percent of us (plus the lucky quarter) have been right on more than 50 percent of their picks. With performance like that, how can you go wrong by listening to us?

Personally, I suck at this but not as bad as some of the others on our team but I am not going to call Cory out by name for his dismal 37 percent record.

The NFL Week 10 schedule gives us some interesting matchups that had us scratching our collective heads. We have a weekly head-scratching meeting for that by the way. The most intriguing picks were at the top of the spread where the New York Giants are -14 against the horrific Dallas Cowboys at home.

As much fun as it is to type the words "horrific Dallas Cowboys," when it comes to picking this game four of us (not me) felt like 14 points was too big of a margin. The rest of us hate the Cowboys more than a 14-point margin.

On the other end there were several games with only a one point spread so basically you are just picking the winner. Not basically as much as actually.

As a football fan, the Baltimore Ravens +1 in Atlanta against the Falcons should be the best watch of this week's battles. From a picking standpoint though, the Minnesota Vikings at -1 in Chicago against the Bears is the game that garnered the greatest consensus this week.

Only Dennis and Jose think that da Bears can win that game. Maybe all of the rest of us are still smarting from that heartbreaking win the Vikings put on the Cardinals last week but then again, maybe our best picker Dennis (57%) is going with his heart. He is from Chicago after all.