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Former QB Kurt Warner On Current Cards QB Situation

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Kurt took a few minutes off from practicing the foxtrot to weigh on the current Cardinal quarterback disaster situation, appearing on the Dan Patrick Show. As the Cards continue to struggle, Kurt joked how this might be his Hall of Fame season.


He compared the current Cards conundrum to his time with the Giants, when Eli Manning was a rookie and talked about the Cardinals having to decide just how good of a football team they were. If contending was an option or if breaking in a rookie, and the growing pains that go along with that, is a worthwhile project for the season.


Needless to say, pretty much it just made me sad that Kurt was spending so much time practicing ballroom dancing instead of tossing the ball to Fitz. Don't worry, though -- turns out Brenda is totally okay with Anna, because she's married and "shares their beliefs." Whew, dangerous situation avoided.