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Cardinals Postgame Reaction: Whisenhunt Waiting To Decide Starting QB

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According to multiple tweets from the on-site reporters (Kent Somers and Darren Urban), Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt will wait until he's seen the game film before naming a starting quarterback for next week's game against the New Orleans Saints. He reportedly didn't want to make an "emotional" decision.

Whether Derek Anderson or Max Hall starts won't matter too much if the Cardinals defense continues to give up huge yards. The Cardinals ranked 27th going into today's game, having given up an average of 377 total yards in their first three games. They gave up 419 yards to the Chargers which will put them in last (or really close to last) place.

Despite the huge defensive holes, Kent Somers reports that the Cardinals have no intention of replacing defensive coordinator Billy Davis.

Horrible defense. Instability at quarterback. This is looking very much like team destined for a sub- .500 season.