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Cardinals Defense Only Things Worse Than Cardinals Offense In Loss To Chargers, 41-10

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Blow outs happen and they've now happened in two of the Cardinals four games. The two wins were hardly impressive either with both games just barely sneaking into the W column on a some fortunate plays.

The San Francisco 49ers are 0-4 and sitting at the bottom of the horrible NFC West while the Cardinals at 2-2 are tied for first with the Rams and Sea Hawks. Cards fans can take comfort in that but the team had better start picking it up fast or those two wins will be a distant memory.

Today the Cardinals defense proved that all the preseason hype was a result of Darnell Dockett's confidence and playing against a really bad Cardinals offensive line in camp.

The Chargers were able to run the ball at will with backup running back Mike Tolbert totalling a career-high 100 yards on 16 carries. The San Diego passing attack was just as effective against the Cardinals defensive backs who gave up 249 yards passing, two touchdowns, and a 146.7 passer rating for Philip Rivers.

Offensively, Derek Anderson couldn't hit wide open receivers, couldn't disguise his reads and couldn't get rid of the ball in time to avoid sacks. He throw two interceptions (one returned for a touchdown) and overall was 7-for-14 with a rating of 23..2.

Anderson was benched before the end of the first half and rookie Max Hall was thrown into the fire. He managed to complete 57 percent of his passes and not throw a pick but he was sacked six times and looked very much like a rookie quarterback. 

The Cardinals are in deep trouble based on what they've shown so far. Fortunately, the rest of the NFC West is just as bad and with 5 of their next 12 games against division rivals it's still possible to back into the playoffs with seven wins. 

Next up is the New Orleans Saints in Phoenix next Sunday before a much needed bye week after that.

Our Cardinals blog isn't pleased either...


Arizona Cardinals Get Waxed By San Diego Chargers, Fall 41-10 - Revenge Of The Birds
Ken Whisenhunt's quarrel with Matt Lienart before the season began was immature and hindered the chances at success for this team. Derek Anderson -- quite possibly could have been the worst quarterback in the league the last two seasons -- was supposed to lead the Cardinals to the playoffs this year? Really?

Forgive me for ranting a bit, and I'm in no way saying Leinart would've had anymore success, but at least we could have found out. Now we're left with an empty feeling inside wondering what could have been.  Anderson was inevitably benched today for his abysmal performance.