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NFL Week 8, Picks: Our 'Experts' Destroy Vegas Odds

Our picks are better than milkshakes (at least 45 percent of the time).

When it comes to NFL picks against the Vegas betting line, our experts (aka morons) have kicked the odds in the keister over the past four weeks. One of our pickers has been right 60 percent of the time! We even have a coin over here that's correctly picked (via the flip) 54 percent of the NFL games against the spread.

That's higher than Max Hall and Derek Anderson's combined completion ratio. That's higher than the Suns fourth quarter shooting percentage. That's even higher than Tim Lincecum is going to be after the Giants win the World Series!!

So you know there's only one source to consult when you are meeting in Starbucks with your bookie about to lay down next month's alimony on the Pittsburgh Steelers who are a one point underdog at New Orleans. The source for all things NFL betting is SB Nation Arizona. Here's our picks for Week 8 of the NFL season:


PUBLIC SERVICE NOTICE: Seriously people, gambling is a disease and if you are taking our advice, you are really sick.