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Arizona Cardinals Half Time Report: Seahawks Making Fewer Mistakes, Lead 10-0

The most notable thing about the Cardinals - Seahawks game is the whether. Not the sketchy but typical rainy and windy Seattle weather, but whether either football team can play without making mistakes. The answer is no, both teams have turned over the ball (four total) and neither team has protected its quarterback (five sacks), but the Cardinals have made more mistakes and that's the reason Seattle has the halftime lead.

The sloppy play started right off the bat by the Cardinals defense, who allowed a 78-yard drive before stiffening up in the red zone and forcing a field goal. Even that was marred by a penalty, as the Cardinals' block on the first kick attempt was negated by a penalty. 

On the Cardinals first offensive possession, rookie Max Hall threw a lame floating duck that was easily intercepted. The Seahawks responded by fumbling the ball on the next possession. Neither team was able to take advantage of those miscues, however, as the game basically devolved into a punt-fest. The teams combined for nine punts in the half. 

The Seahawks scored another seven after Andre Roberts botched a punt return. Twice. After taking his eyes off the ball and having it bounce out off his chest, the over-anxious rookie tried to pick up the ball with one hand and was promptly stripped. That gave the the Seahawks the ball on the goal line and they converted.

The bright spots for the Cardinals were the running game, which generated 83 yards on 13 carries. Tim Hightower was moving the ball well, but of course had the obligatory fumble inside the red zone. At this point, we can only assume that it's written into his contract that he has to cough the ball up at least once per game. Beanie Wells has seven carries (one more than Hightower), but only 24 yards. One running back who's effective but can't hold on to the ball and the other who's not getting anything done.

Fortunately, Max Hall is ... well, he's not doing much, either. 4-for-15 with a passer rating of 11.8. Word is, David Anderson was warming up on the side line. Might we see him in the second half? Whisenhunt is faced with either a bad quarterback or a bad quarterback, and Larry Fitzgerald (1 reception) has to already be counting down the days until he's a free agent.