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NFL Picks, Week 7: Prepare For Bird On Bird Violence

Our picks are as accurate as a David Anderson (remember him?) 15-yard touch pass. OK, we're not actually that bad but still, not very good.

The No Fun League is cracking down on helmet-to-helmet contact in a (long overdue) attempt to protect its players from concussions and general skull breaking.

Fortunately though, they have no yet outlawed beak-on-beak violence!!!

Oh, yea. He went there. Cardinals versus Seahawks. Nasty sea scavenger versus majestic red avian. 

Our moron pickers went all out on this and to a man (and woman) picked the 5.5 point underdog Cardinals to stomp the trash out of the Seahawk's bellies. 

Actually, no. Five out of ten morons picked the hometown Seahawks to give poor Max Hall an introduction to the NFL that involves loud ka-kawing and no tolerance for lucky fumbles. We shall see which half of our crew is the real brains of the operation.


Even the Coin Flip picked the Seahawks. Traitor.

Standings to date in total correct picks:

Coin Flip 23
Shaun 23
Justin 22
Jose 20
Lolly 19
Scott 21
Jess 18
Greg 18
Dennis 18
Seth 17
Cory 14

That damn coin is making us all look bad (except for the Intern, who's making us look worse). Well, we'll give luck a test this week by using a different coin. That's science right there, folks.