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NFL Power Rankings Week 7: The Entire NFL Is 4-2

Now the NFC can't even crack the Top 5 in a league where everyone is seemingly pretty average.

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A whopping nine teams in the NFL are currently sitting at a record of 4-2, while 21 have between three and five wins. At some point, some teams are going to start to separate themselves, but for now they’re just all in a delightful bunch.

Nobody from the AFC or NFC West is in my Top 14 and it's basically because none of them are that good.

(1) New York Jets (5-1) - Though they were quite fortunate to steal a win in Denver, I’m impressed with their ability to win in what was a clear letdown game. (LW: 1)

(2) Pittsburgh Steelers (4-1) - Nothing quite like a game with the Browns to ease your freshly unsuspended quarterback into the regular season. Road game with the Dolphins this week should be an interesting test. (LW: 3)

(3) New England Patriots (4-1) - At halftime of the Monday Night Football game with Miami in Week 4, I was starting to believe the Patriots were done. A game and a half later, they got wins over Miami and Baltimore. I’ll shut up now. (LW: 4)

(4) Baltimore Ravens (4-2) - New England on the road in overtime is not a bad loss. Baltimore has played every team above them in these rankings and gone 2-1. Buffalo in Week 7 is going to seem like a second bye week. (LW: 2)

(5) Indianapolis Colts (4-2) - Yes, that’s right -- I think the AFC has five teams that are better than any one offered up by the NFC. Plus, this one has Peyton Manning. (LW: 10)

(6) Atlanta Falcons (4-2) - Every time I see that Play 60 commercial with the Falcons on a school bus, I am filled with anger. Is that a normal reaction? (LW: 5)

(7) New Orleans Saints (4-2) - You know why power rankings don’t make sense a lot of the time? New Orleans took Tampa Bay behind the woodshed and I dropped them a spot. This team will get better as it gets healthy. (LW: 6)

(8) Houston Texans (4-2) - Narrowly avoided another disappointing home loss, this time to the Chiefs. At least they're 4-2 for the first time in franchise history. (LW: 9)

(9) Philadelphia Eagles (4-2) - So, is Andy Reid going to flip back to the suddenly impressive Kevin Kolb now? I suppose quarterback depth is not a bad problem to have. (LW: 15)

(10) Tennessee Titans (4-2) - The injury to Vince Young probably isn’t serious, but Kerry Collins again proved that though he was once a dangerous alcoholic, he can still win football games. (LW: 13)

(11) New York Giants (4-2) - Wasn’t overly impressed with their win over the Lions on Sunday, but they took care of business. They have a real chance to finish off Dallas on Monday Night Football this week. (LW: 14)

(12) Chicago Bears (4-2) - If you ask me who the worst 4-2 team is, I’ll say it’s Chicago. They couldn’t protect Jay Cutler if all of their collective lives were on the line. (LW: 8)

(13) Miami Dolphins (3-2) - Nice road win over Green Bay gets the Dolphins back over .500. What’s funny is that this team is 3-0 on the road and has yet to win a home game. Pittsburgh this week will probably extend that streak.  (LW: 17)

(14) Green Bay Packers (3-3) - The MASH unit Packers could actually fall to under .500 with a home loss to Brett Favre and Minnesota on Sunday. (LW: 7)

(15) Kansas City Chiefs (3-2) - They still hold a game and a half lead in the AFC West, but suddenly this is a barely over .500 team with its best win over a 2-4 opponent at home. (LW: 11)

(16) Washington Redskins (3-3) - Sure, it’s a bit harsh to knock a team down four spots for losing to Peyton Manning on Sunday Night Football, but the teams around them won a lot. (LW: 12)

(17) Arizona Cardinals (3-2) - Pretty much the worst thing that can happen to Max Hall’s reputation is that he has to play more games. Qwest Field should be neat. (LW: 19)

(18) Seattle Seahawks (3-2) - Is Chicago a paper tiger or is Seattle actually going to be pretty decent this year? It’s probably a bit of both. This week presents a chance for Seattle to be alone in first in the NFC West. (LW: 26)

(19) Jacksonville Jaguars (3-3) - I wasn’t sure it was possible, but the Jaguars are actually more boring to watch when David Garrard is out of the game. Hold your breath for less Trent Edwards, Jaguar fan (yes, you). (LW: 18)

(20) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-2) - I put them up a spot because everyone around them sucks, but I still think they suck. I was in Vegas the past weekend and my largest bet was against the Bucs. It paid. (LW: 21)

(21) Minnesota Vikings (2-3) - Sunday Night Football against a banged up Green Bay team will help tell us where this team is going. (LW: 22)

(22) Denver Broncos (2-4) - Tough loss to the Jets, but what I was having a problem with was the flipping back and forth between Orton and Tebow. Obviously the Jets defense had a lot to do with Orton’s tough day, but I can’t imagine Tebow breaking his rhythm helped a ton either. (LW: 20)

(23) St. Louis Rams (3-3) - I guess they can pretty much beat anybody but Derek Anderson at home. Games with Tampa Bay and Carolina the next two weeks present a chance for this team to do some serious damage. (LW: 27)

(24) San Diego Chargers (2-4) - Honestly, screw these guys. They’ve lost to the Seahawks and Rams while beating the Cardinals by 600 points. I hope they go 2-14. (LW: 16)

(25) Cincinnati Bengals (2-3) - I’m glad VH1 is advertising a show about two wide receivers on a team that will probably win six games this season. I’m sure it’ll be a smash. (LW: 23)

(26) Dallas Cowboys (1-4) - Dallas is probably going to have to finish the season 8-3 to avoid the massive disappointment of missing the playoffs. Indianapolis, Philly twice, New York twice, New Orleans, and a trip to Green Bay remain. Good luck, boys. (LW: 24)

(27) Oakland Raiders (2-4) - Now I know how the Raiders beat San Diego -- it’s because San Diego kind of sucks this year. Starting Kyle Boller at quarterback should be a fun treat for Oakland fans. (LW: 25)

(28) San Francisco 49ers (1-5) - They go up two spots because they won a game. When they beat the Panthers this week, they’ll go up a few more. Couldn’t happen to a coach and team I like less. (LW: 30)

(29) Detroit Lions (1-5) - They are constantly on the brink of winning games; the problem is that they actually have to win a few before they gain more respect. It’s close, though. (LW: 28)

(30) Cleveland Browns (1-5) - 2010 National Championship game quitter Colt McCoy was pretty solid in his NFL debut, throwing for 281 yards against the Steelers defense. He’ll need to be even better to overcome the Browns' lack of talent. (LW: 29)

(31) Buffalo Bills (0-5) - They’re bad at football and what not. (LW: 31)

(32) Carolina Panthers (0-5) - You can’t win if you don’t play. You also can’t win if you’re the Carolina Panthers, so it ultimately doesn’t matter whether you play or not.  (LW: 32)