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NFL Picks, Week 6: Don't Mess With The Intern (Or Coin Flip)

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The Cardinals have the week off, but our morons are right back at it picking all the NFL games for Week 6.

You know why we called this our "Moron Picks" feature? Because flipping a coin has a better chance at beating the Vegas betting lines than our own "wisdom" ... at least through two weeks.

But hang in there, we'll beat that coin yet!


Of interest:

  • The Cardinals have the week off, so we can't all jump back on that bandwagon after last week, showing completely no faith in Max Hall's ability to fumble his way to a win.
  • For the most part, our picks this week are all over the map, which is good because we can really start to separate the winners from the Coin Flip.
  • Shaun the intern is really making his mark here. He's doing a great job with his writing and other coffee-related chores and he's also doing the best of any of us representing the power of the human mind versus the random act of a machine.

Standings through Week 5 (number of correct picks):

Coin Flip 17
Shaun 16
Justin 15
Scott 14
Jess 14
Jose 13
Lolly 12
Seth 11
Greg 10
Cory 10
Dennis 9
Kevin 7
Dave 5