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2013 NFL Mock Draft: Cardinals to build around offensive line picks?

Will the Arizona Cardinals start their rebuilding effort by taking a franchise left tackle in the first round of the draft?

Ezra Shaw

We've just wrapped up Super Bowl XLVII, with the Baltimore Ravens now the best team in the NFL until we all get started again later this year. Now teams will focus on three main events this offseason: the Scouting Combine in late February, the opening of free agency in March and the 2013 NFL Draft in April.

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For the Arizona Cardinals, the NFL Draft will be their best opportunity to build. They came up short of their expectations this year, starting with a 4-0 mark and then falling totally flat in every way after that point. Offensive line and quarterback highlight their primary needs, and with the No. 7 overall pick of the draft, they should have an opportunity to address one of them.

Matthew Fairburn of SB Nation released his latest mock draft on Monday, and he has the Cardinals doing just that. Fairburn has Arizona taking Eric Fisher, the left tackle out of Central Michigan.

Another player who made waves at the Senior Bowl was Eric Fisher. While Fisher tends to struggle with the bull rush, his athleticism and technique make him a potential anchor on the left side. The Cardinals need to fix the offensive line before they worry about anything else.

While it's indisputable that the Cardinals need to find a new quarterback, they do have one of the absolute worst lines in the NFL. With a relatively weak quarterback class this season, it's probably the smarter choice to build around a potential franchise left tackle in Fisher.

Why bring in a quarterback who may not be worth the No. 7 pick if he's just going to get destroyed being constantly under fire behind one of the worst lines in the NFL? Fisher seems a smart pick for the Cardinals, and fills a need without being much of a reach.