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2013 Super Bowl commercials: Jack In The Box 'that's how I met your mother'

Jack In The Box, known, mostly on the West Coast, for their burgers and their big-headed mascot show that they can be known for some '80s hair band metal too.

Ezra Shaw

Many fast-food enthusiasts may enjoy the occasionally hitting up Jack In The Box. They're not as big as McDonalds or Burger King or Wendy's but they're all over the place. What does make Jack In The Box stand apart from some of the larger fast food companies, though, are their commercials. One such commercial will be airing during Super Bowl XLVII, explaining what Jack, the restaurant's big-headed mascot, did in the '80s before he was hired to represent the chain.

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They also show Ted Mosby of How I Met Your Mother, CBS's popular sitcom, how to get to the point.

Have a look.

Jack In The Box is obviously promoting their new Hot Mess burger, consisting of a beef patty, seasoned with salt and pepper, topped with melted white cheddar and pepper jack cheese, fried onion rings and jalapenos, all on sourdough bread, according to their website.

Commercials and the Super Bowl have become synonymous. Companies around the world spend millions upon millions of dollars to make 30-second commercials that look like they were directed by Michael Bay and written by the Coen Brothers than by an advertising firm. They often feature big-name hollywood stars and the commercials often bring us to tears, either by laughter or sadness.

So, while fans of the Ravens and 49ers will be watching Ray Lewis and Colin Kaepernick lead their teams in an effort to win the Super Bowl and hoist the Lombardi Trophy, many others will be focusing on the commercials that will be airing during the many breaks in play. It's the only game where the timeouts are as entertaining as the plays before and after.