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NFL Mock Draft 2013: Cardinals projected to pick offensive lineman

SB Nation has given the Cardinals an early Christmas gift, as their latest mock has Luke Joeckel falling to the No. 7 spot.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals enter the 2013 NFL Draft with glaring holes at both quarterback and offensive line. Problem is, they're at the No. 7 spot, probably not good enough to get one of the elite OT talents. But what if one fell into their laps?

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SB Nation's Dan Kadar released his latest mock draft on Monday, and he has Texas A&M OT Luke Joeckel falling to Arizona at No. 7. This would be a minor shocker, as Joeckel is considered the best overall prospect in the draft:

Just how does the best player fall to this point in the draft? I don't do trades in mock drafts, but Arizona could be the team Kansas City finds as a trade partner. Arizona would get a franchise left tackle and the Chiefs would stay in the top 10. There has been some momentum for Mike Glennon here, but it's looking less likely quarterbacks will be a hot commodity early in the draft. Of course, that could change when we get more information on which players teams are after.

Joeckel's draft status mostly depends on what the Chiefs do with Branden Albert. If they let him walk in free agency, they could very well go with the rookie at No. 1. If they keep Albert, then they could either take Geno Smith or look to trade down. There's also a possibility of Smith falling to the Cardinals at No. 7.

It's only February, so these picks aren't set in stone, obviously, but if this scenario plays out in April Cards fans should be ecstatic.