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Super Bowl 2013 commercials: Kia Sorento commercial tackles the birds and the bees

Companies spend millions upon millions of dollars on big Super Bowl ads. Kia Motors is no exception as they explain where babies actually come from.

Scott Halleran

The Super Bowl is probably more about the pageantry and the glamour than the game of football. For the players on the field, it's all about winning, but for everyone watching at home, even for the ones who won't admit it, it's just as much for the show as it is the game. And a big part of that show is the multimillion dollar commercials that make us laugh and cry and make us thank the gods that the DVR was created.

Car companies and beer, as well as certain snack foods, make the most of the Super Bowl to blow wads of cash on funny commercials and it looks like one of this year's funny, or cute, commercials will come from South Korea's KIA Motors.

Their big-game commercial features a young boy asking his mom and dad where baby's come from. The dad, hoping to avoid an awkward situation, of course comes up with a white lie so fantastic that Michael Bay may have directed the commercial. In short, babies of all animals on earth, including humans, come from another planet and begin their lives as tiny astronauts. And of course, when the young boy questions his fathers outlandish story, the Sorento's technology saves the day.

Thanks to Kia's "Space Babies" commercial for giving me an idea on how to confuse the hell out of my kid in a few years when he gets curious about what planet he comes from.