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2013 Fiesta Bowl: Modern Family stars debate Oregon vs. Kansas State

Ty Burrell and Eric Stonestreet are ready for tonight's Fiesta Bowl.

Christian Petersen

When the Oregon Ducks and Kansas St. Wildcats meet up for the 2013 Fiesta Bowl on Thursday night, the cast of the television series Modern Family will be watching. Ty Burrell, who plays father Phil Dunphy on the show, is a big Oregon fan. Eric Stonestreet, who plays father Cam on the show, loves his Kansas State football.

On Thursday, the two actors put together this great video in preparation for the game. Here it is:

As the two make note of in the video, it will be interesting to see how the Ducks and Wildcats play this evening. With both programs having their eyes set on a national championship just last month, the Fiesta Bowl isn't quite as appealing, even if it is a BCS game.

Burrell hails from Grants Pass, Oregon, and spent some time at Southern Oregon University. Stonestreet was born and raised in Kansas City, and he attended Kansas State in college.

Kickoff from Glendale is scheduled for 8:30 p.m. ET. It will be televised by ESPN.