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Fiesta Bowl 2013: Bill Snyder wants K-State to hold the ball and score points

Apparently Bill Snyder is trying to limit the Fiesta Bowl's offensive fireworks. What a party-pooper...


While most are expecting the Fiesta Bowl to be a track meet, Kansas State head coach Bill Snyder is hoping his Wildcats are able to go a different route.

The keep the ball away from Oregon route.

It's a strategy that many have tried and failed to successfully implement against Oregon over the years but Snyder still knows that's the only way to survive the Ducks' onslaught.

Oh yeah, and he'd like to score some points too:

"...I think what everybody would say, hold onto the ball, keep the ball out of Oregon's hands as much as you can. That's all fine and dandy as long as you can get the ball in the end zone, score, too."

Sounds easy enough right? Well, while the Wildcats defense has been quite solid this season (21.1 PPG allowed), the Ducks are averaging over 50 points a contest and have been held under 34 points only twice over the past two seasons.

With that in mind, maybe it would just be wiser to try to top the over/under of 76 and outscore those high-flying Ducks. Or at least call up Stanford to figure out how the hell they managed to slow them.