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Fiesta Bowl 2013: Bill Snyder had NFL opportunities

Bill Snyder has been through it all during his time at Kansas State. He's even turned down NFL jobs.

Jamie Squire

Much of the Fiesta Bowl coaching talk has been about Chip Kelly's potential leap to the pros. But although most don't know it, Kansas State's Bill Snyder has experienced that same temptation.

Snyder shared earlier in the week that many NFL teams came calling during his first tenure with the Wildcats from 1989-2005. And what was Snyder's reaction every time he was asked to climb the ladder? Just a simple "no, thank you."

Here's Snyder's reasoning for refusing to join the powerhouse that is the National Football League:

"My feeling is that it's such a different environment, you really don't have the capacity to have the kind of impact that you would like to have on young people. I always said, I'm not sure I want to work someplace where the people you're supposed to have control over make more money than you do. That's kind of the way the NFL is."

Snyder went on to share that he's always wondered "who really is in control" when you take a closer look at a professional football team. Furthermore, he added that he doesn't think an NFL coaching job is a "comfortable position."

Well, maybe Snyder should head over to the other locker room and share that sentiment with Mr. Kelly. Then again, one has to wonder if there's anything that can be said to keep the Fiesta Bowl from being Kelly's final collegiate game.