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It Is No Longer Be Easy For Michael Beasley

With more questions than answers the fate of the teams prized off-season acquisition is up in the air, not in terms of a potential trade, but on more of a game-to-game basis.


Earlier this season Phoenix Suns forward Michael Beasley stated, "I will sit in a trash can. I will sit in a trash can if that means we get the win." That came during an early season victory at home where Beasley was not on the court down the stretch. Little did he or the team know that was a sign of things to come.

The last three games are a major indication that Beasley is fading out of the rotation.

During that stretch the embattled forward -- the enigmatic talent -- logged just 16 total minutes including a Did Not Play Coaches Decision on the road against the Oklahoma City Thunder. He has not only floated out of the rotation, but has been relegated to the same level as Wesley Johnson as a novelty act for the Suns.

Last night he received a major crowd pop as the Kansas State crowd in attendance for the Fiesta Bowl as they were behind the former Wildcat star. They cheered and chanted for Beasley all night until they finally got him in the second quarter, only to be never seen again.

If you are not familiar with the college atmosphere they are connected to the players and those types of chants are reserved for the 12th man on the bench that made the team as a walk on and never sees any action, until senior night, or when the crowd sways the coach. Is that where the career of Beasley has been relegated to?

He entered the season as a starter for the first 20 games before sliding to the bench and has slowly seen his minutes decline through the course of the year. As the season grows long the roller-coaster continues to dip.

At one point Beasley was willing to sit in a trash can to get a win, but after last nights loss the lack of playing time and his play overall is beginning to show. Right now he is in that trash can. He was visibly upset as he left the arena as he swiftly tried to exit the locker room before the media was able to get in.

Some roller-coasters land leaving you with butterflies, fear, or an upset stomach and there is no telling how Beasley's will end on this team or long-term.