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Ray Horton believes in Kevin Kolb

While many think the Cardinals need to acquire a new quarterback, Ray Horton thinks Arizona can win with Kevin Kolb.

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The Arizona Cardinals quarterback situation was in disarray for much of the season and despite the fact that many think Arizona needs to bring in a new signal caller, defensive coordinator Ray Horton thinks the team can win with Kevin Kolb.

Horton, who interviewed with team president Mike Bidwill on Wednesday, said the team can win with Kolb at quarterback.

"We were 4-0 with Kevin and we can win with Kevin and we did win with Kevin," Horton said, via

Horton said Kolb has all of the tools and instead of bringing in a new quarterback, it is important to give Kolb the backing going forward. Former Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt played musical chairs at quarterback this season. John Skelton opened the season as the starter over Kolb before he was hurt. Kolb then suffered what ended up being a season-ending injury and the Cardinals shuffled quarterbacks throughout the rest of the season.

After struggling early on in his Arizona career, Kolb never had a solid grip on the starting position. Horton talked as if the most important thing was giving Kolb the security of knowing he's the starter then getting behind him as a team. Horton is one of a few candidates to replace Whisenhunt with Andy Reid and Mike McCoy among the other rumored candidates.