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Fiesta Bowl 2013: Oregon players hope grass in stadium isn't an issue again

The Ducks last played in the University of Phoenix Stadium against Auburn for the 2010 BCS Championship, and afterwards players had complaints about the field's condition.

Ronald Martinez

The Oregon Ducks are hoping the field is less of an issue for a team at the University of Phoenix Stadium at the Fiesta Bowl on Thursday, Oregon Live reported.

The Ducks played at the stadium in their 2010 BCS Championship game loss to Auburn and afterwards some players complained about the conditions of the field's surface during the game.

Some players from both teams fell and slipped during the 2010 title game and offensive lineman Mark Asper called the grass "squishy".

However, a new turf has been laid down since then, and senior linebacker Michael Clay doesn't think it will be an issue this year. Clay played against Auburn his sophomore season, registering four tackles during the game.

"Maybe the ground will be different. They put new turf in. So I don't think turf will be an issue this year."

The turf at the University of Phoenix Stadium resides outside of the stadium until a couple days before a game, and is then rolled into the stadium to avoid problems associated with indoor humidity.