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NFL Mock Draft 2013: Mel Kiper does not think there is a QB worthy of Cardinals in first round

Arizona might be the team most desperate for a quarterback, but are they desperate enough to reach over a better player? Mel Kiper chimes in for the first time this year.

Kevin C. Cox

The Arizona Cardinals shuffled through some of the worst quarterbacks in the NFL this past season, but does that mean they should reach for one with the 7th overall selection simply because they need one? In addition to needing a signal-caller, Arizona also needs to get much better on the offensive line.

For the reason, ESPN's Mel Kiper doesn't have the Cards taking a QB in the first round, but a big man to block for one of the worst offenses in the NFL. In this case it's Chance Warmack, G, Alabama:

We haven't seen a true guard land in the top 10 since 1997, but roll the tape on Warmack and it's hard to see how he doesn't end the streak. As a run-blocker, this guy improves what you can do in that area the second he steps on the field. In a word, he's dominant.

Arizona could take Warmack to block for a new QB and improve one of the worst run games in the league, and then still opt for a passer in the 2nd round. It's possible that a lot of quarterbacks will be falling into the 2nd-3rd round area based on team needs this year, and the lack of an elite arm in the draft.