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2013 Fiesta Bowl: Is Kansas State impressed by Oregon uniforms?

The Kansas State Wildcats aren't the Oregon Ducks and can't get away with the crazy uniforms, but Bill Snyder doesn't mind either way.

Steve Dykes

While Kansas State runs what could be considered a new-age offense with mobile quarterback Collin Klein, head coach Bill Snyder, at 73 years old, is seen as an old-school coach. And as such, Snyder was asked about the recent change in team uniforms a few days before his Wildcats take on the Nike-promoting Oregon Ducks on Thursday in the 2013 Fiesta Bowl.

He played it cool, neither saying he liked nor disliked the bold uniforms adaptations the Ducks run out every week:

"I think they do a nice job with them. I think one of our players kind of said it best: 'Oregon is Oregon and they do what Oregon does, and that's a credit to them. We're Kansas State and we do what Kansas State does.' "

Snyder added that Kansas State is also a Nike school, and that he knows owner Phil Knight and the relationship he has with Oregon. The Wildcats' head coach complimented Oregon's job of promoting Nike.

Of course, it doesn't mean the Kansas State players are hiding the impression the Ducks' uniforms have on them. Above is a picture of Kansas State cornerback Carl Miles Jr. taking a good look at the Oregon helmet that was displayed for a Fiesta Bowl event.