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John Skelton Playing Well, But Brett Favre He Is Not

So far against the Seattle Seahawks, John Skelton is playing like he was the right decision to start at quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals. So far, he has played very well. He is making reads, putting the ball in tight windows, but he did attempt one throw that gives us some humor.

Inside the five-yard line, Skelton drops back to pass and then moves up in the pocket thinking perhaps to scramble for the touchdown.

When the defense collapses, he sees Ryan Williams free in the end zone. Then is the Brett Favre moment. Instead of a traditional throw, he tries the shovel pass...only, it is a little too high, and Williams is left all alone wishing he had scored.

No worries. Arizona kicked a field goal and later drove down the field for a touchdown.

Is John Skelton Brett Favre? Not quite. But that's ok. no one likes Favre anyway these days.