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Arizona Cardinals Vs. Seattle Seahawks: What To Watch For

Ah, NFL football is finally back...

The Arizona Cardinals looked up and down during the preseason and will start their regular campaign against a strong defense featured by the Seattle Seahawks. The storylines will be abundant, mainly revolving around the quarterbacks, but there is much more to look out for.

Let's see what it's all about after the jump.

Can Patrick Peterson Return A Punt For A TD?:

Every time Sam Rosen calls a game for the Arizona Cardinals from the broadcast booth, something magical seems to happen. Such was the case for Patrick Peterson last season as all four of his punt returns for touchdowns came when Rosen was calling the games. With Rosen scheduled to do the announcing today, maybe Peterson can pull off another miracle.

Defense, Defense, Defense:

This game will be won based on which defense plays better. The offenses for both the Cardinals and the Seahawks are mediocre and forcing turnovers will be the key. Whichever team is able to do that should win the game. Each team will bring plenty of pressure against each other's shoddy offensive lines and young quarterbacks. We will see who is able to make the bigger impact first.

The QBs:

It would be a crime not to mention the quarterbacks. John Skelton will lead the Cardinals today while Russell Wilson will make his NFL debut with the 'Hawks. These are single handedly the two most important players on the field. All that they will be asked to do is manage the game and move the ball down the field. If they can do that and limit their big mistakes, then they should do alright.

Does Marshawn Lynch Play?:

Lynch has become a huge part of the Seahawks' running game. He rushed for over 150 yards in the two games against Arizona last season, so to say they would rely on him once again is an understatement. That becomes especially true given the fact that they have a rookie quarterback. Lynch is listed as a game time decision, but I expect him to go and try and do big things, despite his back spasms.

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