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NFL Picks Week 1 Seahawks Vs. Cardinals: Experts Resoundingly Like Seattle

NFL experts in the media aren't very confident in the Arizona Cardinals this week against the Seattle Seahawks.

Over at ESPN, only one expert -- former NFL quarterback Ron Jaworski -- out of the site's 14 who make weekly picks believes Arizona will come out with a win against Seattle. It doesn't get much better on or Only two of eight experts at CBS and only one of three at Yahoo like the Cardinals' chances.

Out of the 25 analysts who make picks between the three sites, only 12 percent believe the Cardinals win, with a resounding 88 percent picking the Seahawks.

After finishing 8-8 last year and going through a quarterback competition during the preseason in which neither candidate played very well, the analysts' picks shouldn't surprise anyone. While Arizona is facing plenty of questions this season, the Seahawks have looked impressive under rookie quarterback Russell Wilson, going a perfect 4-0 during the preseason.

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