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NFL Week 1: Arizona Cardinals Practice Squad Roster Looking For Shot

The Arizona Cardinals have a 53-man roster set ahead of the season opener against the Seattle Seahawks, but it is unlikely those same 53 will be on the active roster throughout the 2012 season. NFL rosters are fluid with injuries, underperformance and disciplinary issues. Many times it is the players on the practice squad who are the first to get the call to fill-in.

SB Nation's Revenge of the Birds took a look at who may be called upon from the practice squad this season:

First, I would have to start with Isaiah Williams. He has been with the Cardinals since 2010 and will know the scheme as good as anybody. If a wide receiver unfortunately were to get injured, I think Williams would have the edge over Robinson.

Steven Baker is another guy that has more than a decent chance at making the roster. The Cards are already shorthanded at the tackle position as it is and if someone either gets hurt or underperforms, Baker could get the call. He is a big player that, with some development, could have an impact for Arizona.

Those players will continue to get their shot at practice, and the guys on the active roster will be under pressure to perform starting with Week 1.

For more on the Cardinals, check out Revenge of the Birds and stick with SB Nation Arizona.