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Larry Fitzgerald May Feel The QB Controversy Is Over, But That Is Hardly The Case

This past week, Cardinals Coach Ken Whisenhunt announced that John Skelton would become the starting quarterback for the team and would be at the helm come week one against the Seahawks.

The good news is, the team's star receiver, Larry Fitzgerald seems to be on board with the decision. He stated that as long as the decision was made and the questions aren't surrounding them everyday anymore, then he will support whoever Coach Whisenhunt selected.

The thing is, this might not be the case. Plenty of things could happen to spark up the controversy once again.

Let's use the Kurt Warner era as a reference. Even when he had clearly beat out Matt Leinart for the job, there was still going to be competition for the starting position. So to assume Skelton will automatically hold on to his current role without having to fight for it with Kevin Kolb or someone else next year is false.

Unless Skelton is absolutely fantastic, this is exactly how it should be. Players should be given the chance to show that they learned something the year that they were on the bench and subsequently, they should be given another shot at the job.

Oh, and what if Skelton gets injured? We know how shaky the offensive line is, especially in pass protection. There is always the chance (though I hope it does not happen) that Skelton gets injured. Think Matt Leinart and his collarbone injury a few years back. That really opened the door for Warner to take over. If Skelton gets hurt, Kolb would come in and regain his chance to be the starter again.

And if Skelton falls on his face, failing completely as the starting quarterback? Does Fitzgerald not believe the cries for Kolb to come in will not be heard from the fans? Whisenhunt himself said that if Skelton doesn't play well, he will be replaced. Look for his leash to not overextend itself and for controversy to arrive at some point this season.

So it's a big assumption and somewhat foolish to believe this quarterback controversy is over. In fact, I would venture to say that it has hardly even begun.

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