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Arizona Cardinals Officially Name Practice Squad

The Arizona Cardinals announced several moves with their roster, including the assembling of the eight-man practice squad that is allow under league rules. Some of these additions were already presumed, based on reports and Twitter feeds of the players.

The players that the Cardinals now have on their practice squad are:

  • DT Ricky Lumpkin
  • LB Colin Parker
  • CB Larry Parker
  • TE Steve Skelton
  • WR Isaiah Williams
  • OT Steven Baker
  • LB Ricky Elmore
  • WR Gerell Robinson

The final two players that were not already out there as being on the squad were receiver Isaiah Williams and cornerback Larry Parker.

Some will find it surprising that safety Blake Giseon did not make the practice squad, considering his play in the preseason and in training camp. However, he may have already found an NFL home elsewhere or the team might have felt that with five safeties on the roster there was just no more room.

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