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Arizona Cardinals roster moves: Recently signed Hall retires, Reagan Maui'a returns

Injuries and a surprise retirement bring back a familiar face.

Christian Petersen - Getty Images

An interesting thing happened this week for the Arizona Cardinals. When fullback Anthony Sherman injured his hamstring and with tight end (and backup fullback) Jim Dray with an injured knee, the team signed another fullback to give the team necessary reps in practice and also to use in the game on Sunday. They brought on Korey Hall, a former teammate of offensive lineman Daryn Colledge in Green Bay to take that spot.

After two days, the 29-year old decided that he was done with football and decided to retire.

So now, the Cardinals brought in a fullback that is a familiar face -- Reagan Maui'a. Maui'a has joined the Cardinals now for the eighth time.

Wait...eight times? Yes, and it started in 2009.

Clearly he does just enough that the team likes, but not quite enough to have him stick on the roster for extended periods of time.

The player known as Juggernaut for his YouTube video in which he ran through a wall, is a fan favorite. Here is that video.

Fans will be very pleased to have him back. Why the Cardinals didn't go to him before Hall is a different question. The even bigger question is what happened to make Hall decide he was done with football after just two days with the Cardinals in practice.

Enjoy the Juggernaut while you can. History tells us it won't be long.