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Arizona Vs. Oregon State: Freshman receiver David Richards shines with Terrence Miller out

When Arizona Wildcats receiver Terrence Miller went down with a shoulder injury against South Carolina State, freshman David Richards quietly stepped into his place. Lost in the 49-0 loss to the Oregon Ducks was the youngster leading the Wildcats with seven receptions and 50 yards.

He doesn't really care about the numbers though. The loss stings, he told Ryan Finley of the Arizona Daily Star.

"I didn't care about what I did or anything. I was just upset that we couldn't capitalize more on the offensive side," Richards told the Star. "I was more upset that we got the loss than anything I did."

Richards has sophomore receiver Austin Hill to speak to about a similar experience, when he replaced lead receiver Juron Criner in the lineup last season to break out against Oklahoma State. Now, Hill is one of Arizona's biggest offensive threats.

In one and a half games since finding himself in the regular rotation, the 6'4, 203 pound wideout has nine catches for 64 yards.

There is no word on how long Miller will be out.