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Current Miami Dolphins Better Than The Cardinals' Super Bowl Team? That's Laughable

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Karlos Dansby tells reporters that he thinks the current Miami Dolphins team that he plays for is better than the perennial playoff teams he was apart of with the Arizona Cardinals. How ridiculous is that?

On a conference call with Arizona reporters on Wednesday, former Cardinals and current Dolphins linebacker Karlos Dansby was on to discuss the upcoming game between the two teams. On top of the razzing he gave to his old friend, Adrian Wilson, Dansby didn't seem that much of a fan of the Cardinals organization.

Now, this may be because they refused to pay him his current contract (5 years, $43 million) and, on top of that, they replaced him with a better player in Daryl Washington. Or it could be for some underlying reason that we are unaware, but who cares. What really matters is the ridiculous statement Dansby uttered from his lips on Wednesday.

Per Darren Urban, Dansby told reporters that his current Dolphins team is, "more talented than I was ever in Arizona, as far as if you look at the stats, if you look at the players and the potential."

Um... What?

The sheer idiocy of this statement almost bears no comment from me... but then again, I did say almost.

Dansby left after the 2009 season and since then the Dolphins have gone 7-9 and 6-10 in the past two seasons with Dansby on the roster. They haven't even come close to sniffing the playoffs, let along making a run at a Super Bowl.

Their quarterback is a rookie, they have no true #1 wide receiver, their defense is consistently shredded, they just traded away one of their top cornerbacks and they seemingly always find themselves near the bottom of their division. Sure, that sounds a lot better than the Cinderella Cardinals.

Oh, by the way, Karlos, your best stats of your career came during the 2008-09 seasons. So what makes you think that the team that you play for now, in the prime of your career, is actually better when you have played worse? It's obvious that the Cardinals team you played for was much more beneficial to your career.

So this is probably, as Wilson said, just bulletin board material for Dansby's new team. No matter how much he wants to deny it, Dansby knows that the Cardinals teams he was apart of during his latter years were pretty special. And for him to write them off and to say his current team is better is, quite frankly, a bit insulting.

But that's okay. I am pretty sure the current Cardinals team will be able to show the Dolphins which franchise is better off.

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