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2012 NFL Picks Against The Spread: Thursday Night Blowout In Baltimore

Making our pick against the spread for the Thursday night game between the Browns and Ravens.

Matt Sullivan - Getty Images

Thursday Night Football is back again to kick off Week 4 contests, and this time the real NFL officials will be on hand to keep the order. The Cleveland Browns travel to battle the team that was once the Browns in Cleveland, only they are now the Baltimore Ravens. Vegas has this game pegged for a really big line, but that is because there aren't likely many people to put money on the Browns.

Who do we pick for the game, going against the spread?

Cleveland is a 13-point underdog against a team playing at home that has only lost one game and that loss was by one point at the very end of the game. The will send out a rookie quarterback on the road against one of the league's elite defenses. They will face Joe Flacco, Ray Rice and Torrey Smith.

You wonder why no one would put money on Cleveland? Because there is no hope.

Baltimore has looked very, very good. The 13 points is not crazy, so if this is a game you want to bet, go ahead and give the points away and expect the Ravens to cover.