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Karlos Dansby says Dolphins more talented than his Cardinals Super Bowl team

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Miami Dolphins linebacker Karlos Dansby had some interesting comments on Wednesday, when talking about his former team. The Dolphins take on the Cardinals this week, a team that Dansby went to the Super Bowl with in the 2008-09 season. Dansby then bolted in free agent to take a huge contract with Miami, but his teams there have never experienced that much success, as Miami has gone 14-21 in Dansby's three years with the organization.

That being said, Dansby definitely feels pretty confident facing his old teammates in Arizona on Sunday, despite the Cardinals being 3-0 and the Dolphins being 1-2. Vince Marotta of Arizona Sports files this report:

"I tell them every day, we've got what it takes -- we've got more than what it takes. We're more talented there than I was ever in Arizona, if you look at the stats, or you look at the players and the potential," Dansby said during a media conference call Wednesday. "We've just got to put it together as a team. That's what I told them, when we were there, we were a team, it didn't matter, we were all in."

Indeed, Miami should feel pretty confident with their run defense, which has generally made life miserable for opposing running backs. The issue is their pass defense, which is one of the worst in the country, allowing over 300 yards a game. If Arizona can move the ball through the air, it'll make life very difficult for Dansby and the Dolphins, and they'll have to rely more on young quarterback Ryan Tannehill to make plays.