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NFL Roster Moves: Cardinals Reportedly Re-sign Running Back Alfonso Smith

As the Arizona Cardinals continue their preparation for the Miami Dolphins this Sunday, there is a roster move that reportedly has happened that the team has yet to announce. According to his own Twitter feed, running back Alfonso Smith has been brought back to the team.

Neither his signing nor the corresponding roster move that would have to take place has been announced.

This signing makes the second this week of someone to play in the backfield. Fullback Korey Hall was added officially on Tuesday.

What has not been said either is why the changes in the backfield. Beanie Wells has a toe injury, so perhaps he is going to be sidelined for a while. Perhaps the team has cut ties with preseason stud William Powell. As for the signing of Hall, it means something is up with fullback Anthony Sherman.

Perhaps there is an injury that will be made known after injury reports come out on Wednesday, or perhaps there is a suspension coming for Sherman as a result of his unnecessary roughness penalty last Sunday.