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2012 NFL Power Rankings: Arizona Cardinals Moving Up For Everyone

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The Cards suddenly find themselves the talk of the league.

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Well, the week's power rankings are out. No longer are the Cardinals the least respected team in the league. In fact, it seems like they are the most respected team, based on right now and how the defense has been playing. Around the web the Cards are near the top in almost everyone's lists.

Take a look!

Our own ROTB rankings have Arizona fourth, behind even the 2-1 Giants.

Kevin Kolb is managing the game and the defense is introducing QBs to turf at a frantic rate.

Cody Ulm here SB Nation Arizona said the Cards are third.

The Cardinals publicly humiliated an Eagles team that beat the Ravens. Oh, you say the Ravens beat thePatriots? That's so last week (and try doing it in Foxboro). Previous Ranking: 10

Joel Thorman for SB Nation's NFL page still isn't giving the Cardinals much respect, ranking them ninth. Still, it is an improvement upon the earlier ones where he said the Cards would be battling for the number one pick in next year's draft. reader Ryan helps me out on the 3-0 Cardinals' ranking: "No. 15 is the worst I would put them. No. 12 sounds about right but I think you could make a case for all the way up to No. 9 just because the schedule favors them coming into this stretch. But no higher." No. 9 sounds about right.

ESPN puts the Cardinals fifth, up nine spots. Pete Prisco for CBS Sports has them third.

They are legit. That defense is special. Two good offenses slowed in two consecutive weeks is really impressive.

Lastly is Yahoo! They were sixth.

What do you think? Fair or foul on these rankings around the Web.