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Arizona Diamondbacks Player/Pitcher Of The Week: Hill, Miley Do It

As far as wins go, the Arizona Diamondbacks had a stellar week (ending Sunday), taking five of six against the San Diego Padres and Colorado Rockies. The negatives: most of the wins were due to a suddenly-prolific offense instead of exceptional pitching, and the games were against the bottom-dwellers of the division, so the San Francisco Giants were still able to clinch the division in the meantime. But the D-back are still alive in the NL Wild Card race for the moment.

In a week filled with a handful of powerful offensive performances, Aaron Hill led the way to the scoreboards. He's the Arizona Diamondbacks Player of the Week. Wade Miley became just the second NL rookie to win 16 games since 1986. For that, he's the Pitcher of the Week.

Aaron Hill was a pivotal piece in the team's most bat-happy games, hitting .347 (8-for-23, with two homers) during a five-game stretch wherein the D-backs scored no fewer than five runs a game. And he made those hits count: he had nine RBIs during that time. He was also responsible for another five runs scored. Hill has had his slumps, but as a whole, his time as an Arizona Diamondback has been extremely fruitful in an offensive sort of way.

Wade Miley wasn't a dominant force on the mound on Friday -- he allowed 10 hits and five earned runs over a brief six-inning stint. But thankfully his team didn't feel like letting him off the hook for the NL Rookie of the Year award, so they backed him up with runs a'plenty, enough to get Miley his sixteenth win of the season. Not only is he just the second NL rookie to get that many wins since the mid-80s, but he's tenth in the NL in wins and leads the D-backs in that category.

Here are the total tallies so far:

Player of the Week awards:

Hill (7), Goldschmidt (4), Montero (3), Kubel (2), Parra (1), Roberts (1), Bloomquist (1), Johnson (1), Young (1), Eaton (1), Upton (1)

Pitcher of the Week awards:

Miley (8), Cahill (4), Corbin (3), Kennedy (3), Collmenter (2), Saunders (1), Shaw (1), Hernandez (1)