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Arizona Wildcats To Unveil Copper Helmets Against Oregon State

The Arizona Wildcats will be getting into the uniform upgrade business. They'll start off by wearing copper helmets this week in their Saturday matchup against the Oregon State Beavers.

For those who want an idea of what Arizona's new copper-tops look like, check it out after the jump.

Arizona is coming off a 49-0 loss to the Oregon Ducks, a loss that was actually somewhat closer than it was given Arizona had numerous trips to the red zone (six in all), yet failed to capitalize and score on any of them. So any change of pace might be nice for an Arizona team that is still 3-1, but probably has a lot of growth and development ahead of them. It can start this weekend against the Beavers.

There is a possibility Arizona will wear navy tops to go along with the copper helmets; Matt Scott hinted as much, as he is among the seniors responsible for picking out the unis. So much for the all-copper look!

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