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Arizona Cardinals Lead Philadelphia Eagles 24-0 At Halftime

The Arizona Cardinals have made a statement to the rest of the NFL in the first half of this game. They are not going to be messed with. After taking a 10-0 lead in the first quarter, they added to it with an offensive and a defensive touchdown, the latter coming as the half ended to give Arizona a 24-0 lead.

Kevin Kolb found Larry Fitzgerald for a 37-yard touchdown pass on play action. It was the ninth career touchdown catch that Fitzgerald had scored in five career games against the Eagles.

The Eagles threatened in the final two minutes of the half and got the ball down to the one-yard line for first and goal. However, the Arizona defense came up huge. On first and second down, they forced Michael Vick to throw the ball away. On third down, Vick dropped back and was crushed by safety Kerry Rhodes, who blitzed, sacked Vick and forced a fumble. Safety James Sanders picked up the football and ran 93 yards to make the score 24-0 as time expired at teh end of the half.

For Arizona, quarterback Kevin Kolb is 13/18 for 177 yards and two scores. Fitzgerald has caught seven passes for 105 yards and a score.

Philadelphia has turned the ball over three times. Vick is 9/19 for 117 yards. He has been sacked three times and hit numerous other times.

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